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Newsflash for July 9, 2024

Millions of tons of fireworks are set off each year to mark Independence Day in the United States, causing air pollution to spike. Should we be worried?

Newsflash for June 2, 2024

Climate change will be a lesser priority in Florida and largely disappear from state statutes under legislation recently signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that also bans power-generating wind turbines offshore or near the state's lengthy coastline.

Newsflash for May 19, 2024

No cars allowed in Brazil Amazon town cycling to net zero emissions: By turning off the combustion engine, resisting the tarmac temptation and abiding by centuries-old ways of the river, the town is a real time experiment in how to navigate an increasingly uncertain world where unruly climate change is overturning the rules of sustainable urban habitability.

Newsflash for May 7, 2024

A swarm of bees delays Dodgers-Diamondbacks baseball game for 2 hours in Phoenix, AZ. Professional beekeeper, Matt Hilton, was called to address the swarming bee challenge. The bees were not killed, they were treated with a non-pesticidal solution and will be released off-site.  The beekeeper then threw the first pitch of the game after clearing bee swarm!

Newsflash for March 12, 2024

According to science, a longing for relocation, or the greener-grass syndrome, may actually have an adverse effect. In creating a “hyper-want” for a new car, home, or city, people may actually get too focused on what they don’t have instead of what they do have. It’s more likely that social bonds with happy people tend to make one happy, which—at least in theory—could make any city the “happiest.”


Newsflash for January 30, 2024

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has cost tens of thousands of lives. It has disrupted millions more. And there are other ripple effects far beyond the frontlines — the war appears to be hampering crucial climate research. A new study finds that without data about things like temperature and snow in the Russian Arctic, our understanding of how climate change is affecting the Arctic as a whole will get less and less accurate over time. 


Newsflash for December 18, 2023

Ricardo the Texas Longhorn who escaped a slaughterhouse and ran through train tracks in Newark, NJ has been relocated to his new home, Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey.

Newsflash for December 9, 2023

CAKE's 2024 tour?


Newsflash for November 27, 2023

Our fifth album “Pressure Chief” will be reissued on vinyl on March 15, 2024. In addition to a 180g black vinyl edition, you will be able to PRE-ORDER the limited edition 140g opaque pink vinyl at the CAKE STORE starting February 2, 2024. The vinyl edition reissue has remastered audio. ​





Newsflash for November 8, 2023

The other greenhouse gas: How methane from food waste contributes to global warming and why small efforts to stop it can make a big difference.

Newsflash for August 10, 2023

Our fourth album “Comfort Eagle” will be reissued on vinyl on September 15, 2023. In addition to a 180g black vinyl edition, you can PRE-ORDER the limited edition 150g translucent green aka "Coke bottle green" vinyl now at the CAKE STORE! This vinyl edition reissue has remastered audio.



Newsflash for August 1, 2023

We are pleased to announce our new online poster store where many of our concert art designs will be available for sale.

Newsflash for July 21, 2023

Save our nation’s old-growth forests!


Newsflash for July 17, 2023

Avian ability to adapt to the urban environment.


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