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Newsflash for September 13, 2022

After a month under rubble, a nearly lifeless Callery pear tree was found by 9/11 workers who were determined to save it.

Newsflash for September 6, 2022

South Korea may conduct survey on BTS members’ military duty. Thoughts?

Newsflash for June 12, 2022

“You put your trash bag out and it’s gone forever, but where does it go?”

Newsflash for March 28, 2022

A study says that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

Newsflash for January 26, 2022

Is Norway the future of cars?

Newsflash for December 20, 2021

Regifting is the responsible choice for both your wallet and the environment. And does anyone even need to know?

Newsflash for December 18, 2021

Honeybees survived for weeks under volcano ash after Canary Islands eruption.

Newsflash for December 15, 2021

Fox news goons cry about being ‘smeared’ with their own words - The Daily Beast

Newsflash for December 9, 2021

Kimberly D. won this Bartlett pear tree at Fredrick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI on June 12, 2014. Kimberly sent us an amazing “tree update" photo. Thank you! Meanwhile, we'll do our best to overcome the hurtfulness of betrayal by thee tree winners who have not sent a photo of their planted CAKE tree (as each promised).

















Newsflash for December 8, 2021

Coca-Cola was named the world’s worst plastic polluter for the fourth year running.

Newsflash for October 1, 2021

Human behavior is still the most important factor in the decline of Covid transmission. Wearing a mask in public indoor settings, especially as the holiday season arrives, is crucial in stopping the spread. CAKE is offering a free Solar Crown face mask with any purchase at our web-store! This is a high-quality washable 3-layer face mask (outside layer with art is sublimated polyester, middle layer is filter fabric, inside layer is soft cotton against face).  Play it safe, with comfort!

Newsflash for September 13, 2021

CAKE listener Chelsea from Cedar River in Renton, WA was entrusted with this Honeycrisp apple tree at our September 2019 Redmond concert. Chelsea reports the tree is happily nestled between old grapevines and a birch tree and already producing many delicious apples. Genuine thanks to Chelsea for the tree update!





Newsflash for September 6, 2021

Created by the labor movement in the late 19th century, Labor Day honors the women and men who fought tirelessly for workers’ rights including the 8-hour work day. As we mark this annual milestone, it is an important time to consider and honor our “persons of the year”— the essential workers everywhere. While the global pandemic upended global systems and everyone's daily lives, essential workers continued despite the risks and burdens to do their important work.

Newsflash for August 26, 2021

Truth is controversial as always.

Newsflash for August 17, 2021

The climate emergency is here — and it will get worse before it could get better.